Doe Deere and Her Lime Crime are More Than Makeup

The “Queen of Unicorns”, Doe Deere, and her new fashion brand, Lime Crime, exude a passion for makeup and the colorful things in life. Coming from a background as a musician gave Doe Deere a leg up as far as having a head for career and marketing. Her entrepreneurial roots can be traced back even further though. At the young age of 13 years, she would sell temporary tattoos, a novelty at the time in Russia, to her classmates. She increased their popularity and therefore the demand by wearing them herself. Deere moved from Russia to New York at 17, and has since moved to Los Angeles. Although she transitioned from music to fashion, she is grateful for her time as a musician. It was in that time that she met her husband and they found they work very well together. When asked what advice she would give to young, ambitious women today, she said, “… honestly the best advice that I can give is to follow your heart because I believe that every person has something special about them – some kind of unique skill or quality that only they have in the world. And when you tune into that, that’s when you really start to blossom and reach your truest potential.” She had always liked bright and unusual colors for her makeup but simply couldn’t find them in an industry that favored “that super natural look”. So, she started making her own and was surprised to find that many girls were searching for the same things. She found a way to follow her heart and provide girls with makeup that helps them do the same. Not only that, but she was able to make a profit in the process, allowing her to make a living doing something she is passionate about. But makeup is more than just a business to Doe Deere. For her, makeup provides women with the freedom to be themselves. It allows them to do so without any fear of judgement. Her philosophy elevates makeup and fashion beyond mere decoration, and into to the realm of self expression. As she puts it, “We express ourselves by what we put on our bodies, how we do our hair, and what we put on our face.”

Samuel Strauch Is Learning All The Time

Successful people are learning all the time. Samuel Strauch learns from life as he believes in growing through learning.

He has earned his degrees from a number of universities including the Hofstra University in New York, Erasmus University in Rotterdam and Harvard University.

Samuel Strauch started his career by working in banking. He soon moved into his family business of Real Estate in South Florida. In 2002 he started his own company which has been growing since then. This is an integrated platform. It provides varied enterprises in sectors that include acquisitions, development, in addition to management, equity sourcing as well as real estate brokering. It caters to South Florida along with the Latin America markets.

Samuel Strauch has various other interests in addition to real estate. This includes internet based businesses besides restaurants. His other interests include art, as well as photography. These tend to point towards his philosophy in life. He believes that all of us have multidimensional personalities. Hence all of us must look into various facets of life. This is why he is always looking at different tangents both in his personal as well as professional life.

When Samuel Strauch came to Miami, he was impressed to see how there were developments in real estate that were able to transform this city completely. A sleepy vacation town turned into a metropolis. He knew that he could get international clients and even investors here. This was when his idea of starting his own business came up.

Samuel Strauch is a people’s person. He likes to meet new people. This is because he is always looking at strengthening ties with his clients, brokers, investors, and business partners, and all those people who are related to this industry. It helps him to get fresh ideas and expand his business.


On The Condos Beckon, Arthur Becker Is doing it sole on the Tribeca Boutique Project

Arthur Becker has been behind some of the biggest developers in the City including Kevin Maloney, Michael Stern and Robert Gladstone but currently, he is putting his name on a condominium project. As per the plan recorded recently within the office of Attorney General in New York State, the investor-turned-developer is strategizing for an eight-unit block at 465 Washington Street, Tribeca with an expected sellout of $52.5 million. At his art studio during an interview with The Real Deal, Becker said 465 Washington will become an “artisanal, boutique building” whereby the interiors will be designed by Paris Forino.

Becker bought 465 Washington as a primer when he started his profession as a homebuilder. Later, he operated the macadamia orchard within Hawaii before steadily shifting into finance and tech field. In an article on PerezHilton, he mentioned how he likes the section of Tribeca being the size he can manage. When finished, 465 Washington will compose of one penthouse duplex and seven simplex apartments with square feet of between 2,000 to 4,000. The costs will vary from $2,200 to $3,200 per square foot and units will range between $5 million to $14 million for the penthouse.

Becker purchased 465 Washington from Peter Moore, also an architect-turned-developer in 2012 at the cost of $6.1 million after Moore was confronted with a foreclosure suit of $4.7 following a loan default at VFC Partners. In line to increase the five-story building into 10, Becker purchased development rights from owners of the adjacent building at 471 Washington for amount not recorded. According to Real Capital Analytics; a research company, to date, Becker has invested to New York City projects worth $550 million.

According to Wikipedia, Becker studied a combination of courses in ceramics and photography at Bennington College before later going to Amos Tuck (Dartmouth) business school. At Amos Tuck, he also worked as the CEO of two technology organizations where he additionally managed the shifting of 18th century American houses within New England. In 1990, Becker resumed his photographic task with the aim of introducing visual artifact that is common to painting and creating photographic images with texture. His recent works concentrate on finance, technology and real estate.

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Things To Keep In Mind If Selecting An Online Reputation Management Firm

There are more than a few things that one ought to look at when it comes to selecting an online reputation management firm. If they can manage to remember some of the most important things about it, then they are unlikely to get involved with a firm that is not good for them.

One of the first thing to look at is if a firm is making promises that seem too good to be true. says that these firms will sometimes say things like they can remove all negative material that exists about you on the web. That is both a ridiculous claim and a red flag that there is something fishy about the company you are considering dealing with.

Keep an eye on how the firm is going to work on your reputation management. If they are not letting you in the loop on what they plan to do, there is something wrong with that. They should not be trying to hide anything from you if you are going to be a client of theirs. If they are keeping things too vague or just not telling you anything at all, then you could be paying for something that is really not going to get the job done.

While these are all signs of a potentially bad firm, there are also signs to look for in good firms. According tin IC Media Direct reviews, this would include legitimate testimonials from previous customers as well as some case studies. If you ask a firm to provide these types of things to you and they can do so on the spot then you probably are moving towards having found a good firm.

Do not try to go with a firm that is saying that they are going to us anything to try to trick Google or other search engines into giving you better ratings and reputation. This is not something that you even want a firm to attempt on your behalf. It is very likely that it will not work out as planned, and it is never a good idea to try to trick your way into something better. Just go with a firm that knows what it is doing and goes about it in an aboveboard way.

Lori Senecal: The Drive to Succeed

When we think of advertisers and the mass media productions that go along with them, we often think of extremely outgoing individuals. After all, many of the executives and company faces are outgoing and extroverted people. That is why the new CEO of Crispin, Porter, and Bogusky (CP+B), Lori Senecal, is a bit of an anomaly in the industry. However, once you look at her upbringing and track record, her appointment as an executive no longer seems surprising.

Lori Senecal was born in Canada to a shopkeeper and schoolteacher. Being the youngest of four, she often had to fight to get what she wanted, and she had to innovate and be creative in order to make an impression on her parents. She used this experience to excel at McGill University, where she earned her Bachelor of Commerce, Marketing, and Finance. Once she got into the business world, however, she suddenly realized that she was an extremely introvert. Reference: aboutme account.

In an interview that she did with the Campaign US, Lori said that she would often try to stay away from others, and she was terrified when she had to start giving presentations to thousands of shareholders and company personnel about marketing strategies. She often would let her work speak for itself, and by doing this and working little by little on her introversion issues, she was able to rise quickly to the top of the corporate ladder.

After working at a small advertising agency, Senecal got a job at McCann Worldgroup, a global advertiser. She became the co-founder of TAG Ideation and was appointed as the Global Chief Innovation Officer in 2006 in a report by Campaignlive. Just one year later she was named as the new President of McCann. She used the momentum that she had gained there to propel herself into the President and CEO spot of Kirshenbaum, Bond, Senecal, and Partners in 2009.

While at KBS, she became well-known in the marketing world as one of the most creative and innovative executives around. She won multiple awards from the Advertising Women of New York, the Isaac Awards, and Advertising Age for her innovative, inventive, and new takes on marketing and how the advertising agencies should function. She was appointed to the MDC Group, a global conglomerate and holding company for advertising agencies, in 2014.

With a record like this, it is no wonder that Senecal was soon named the new CEO of CP+B. Lori Senecal defied the odds and turned her introversion into a personal drive to do better and become more successful than any other advertising executive, and that drive has brought her where she is today.

You can visit her tumblr account:

Fund Manager and Attorney- Sam Tabar

For every investment to succeed, it needs and financial manager. To find a financial partner who will be there in times of financial crisis and also one who will offer financial advice can be a daunting task. Enterprises also need financial partners to fund them.

He has been in the commercial industry for an extended period, serving in various top positions. Sam Tabar is a financial expert who has spent most of his life in the financial funding management sector.

Sam has served at Merrill Lynch (Bank of America) as the Head of Strategy. According to Bloomberg, at Merrill Lynch, Sam Tabar worked widely with institutional investors by helping them with the introduction of an endowment, funds of funds, pensions, foundations as well as family offices.

Tabar’s broad knowledge in the investment and financial sector also offered him an opportunity to provide consultations on legal matters and also the construction of both front and back office teams.

He can also be described as a guru in the financial sector with him leading and holding various posts in different financial institutions in the United States including Sparx Group (PMA) as the co-head of marketing. At Sparx Sam was responsible for managing the organization’s international market.

According to Art Station, Sam Tabar is the Chief operating officer of fullCycle. FullCycle Energy Fund is an organization which was created in 2013 with a primary purpose of converting waste material into power which can be used in the community. The power generation company’s mission is to offer the world affordable, alternative energy.

After his High school graduation, Sam Tabar joined Oxford University where he earned Bachelor’s of Arts and he also graduated with a Master’s degree in Law from Columbia Law School. He has acted as an Attorney for several organizations including Arps, Skadden, Slat& Flom, Meagher, and also Schulte, Roth& Zabel.

Sam is not only a businessman, a funding manager, but he is also an editor who has edited for Columbia Law Business Journal, and he is also a member of the New York State Bar. He is a private investor who is a mission to empower women.