Conservation of the Earth through Eco-Conscious Tourism

Eco-tourism has become the in-thing across the globe as the present generation is keen on conserving the environment. Nature walks bring tranquility and peace away from the noisy and busy activities of the modern world, and so here are some great eco-conscious travel destinations that you can visit.



Embracing the United Nation’s sustainable and development goals, Lithuania focuses on having a greener tourism sector. Lithuania is an ideal nation that prides in its rich history, national parks, striking landscapes, and other attractive tourist sites found in the country. You will enjoy the destination during summer when the temperatures are favorable.




Eco-tourism is a huge part of the Costa Rica’s economy. The country has a beautiful landscape and is like the Eden of rainforest and wildlife. It is a favorite tropical getaway for responsible tourists with lush rainforests, nature reserves, as well as national parks. It is known for its Eco-lodges which are swanky and humble. Between December and April is the best time to visit the country, though it is the most expensive and busiest season.


Wild Ark- Conserving the Wilderness


Established by Mark and Sophie Hutchinson, Wild Ark works to safeguard the wild places on earth. It is an organization that is worried by the dangers that wild places face and its members of passionate conservationists work on ways to conserve the earth for future generations. Wild Ark members are also dedicating to educate individuals about the natural habitat.


The group’s mission is to protect sections of identified green belts in different parts of the world. By protecting the rich biodiversity of these places, they will be able to conserve wildlife and at the same time create opportunities for research and experience so that people can reconnect with nature and be motivated to look after it.


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