How Brian Bonar Succeeds In The Restaurant And Financial Industries

Brian Bonar is a successful businessman who has more than 30 years of experience in the financial world. He has been with Dalrada Financial Corporation for almost 20 years and is presently its Chief Executive Officer and Chairman.

Dalrada Financial offers business services to other companies including insurance, employee benefits, financial management, and outsourcing. These services help other companies be more efficient and allow to concentrate on their products and services.

Earlier in his professional career, Brian Bonar was the CEO of Imaging Technologies Corporation. This company developed color management software which was used by other companies to create their marketing material. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

Seeing an opportunity, he developed Imaging Technologies into a company that also provided marketing services to other companies using their own software. This was very profitable for his company and was one of the reasons he became an executive at Dalrada Financial.

Another financial company that Brian Bonar has led is Trucept, Inc. While at Trucept he served in a number of roles including CEO, Treasurer, Secretary, CFO, and Director.

This company also offered business services to other companies including a focus on providing temporary staffing. He started his professional career at IBM in the United Kingdom and specialized in outsourcing personal computer motherboards.

In 2013, Brian Bonar spotted an opportunity in the restaurant industry when one of his favorite places to eat in Escondido, Tango, closed down. Bonar bought the location and opened a new restaurant he named Bellamy’s. His first masterful stroke was when he hire acclaimed French chef Patrick Ponsaty.

Ponsaty has earned the distinction of being named a Master Chef of France and has worked at a number of 5-star restaurants. He designed the menu taking advantage of his French cooking background and the food that is available in Southern California.

Another wise move from Brian Bonar is when he hired Trevor Da Costa. Trevor had been the front man for another restaurant, El Biz, in the area for many years and was very popular in the area.

This move garnered Bellamy’s an instant built-in customer base for Bellamy’s. He also hired a cook named Mike Reidy as Executive Chef who had been working for El Biz.

The food critic for San Diego Magazine reviewed Bellamy’s a little while after it had opened. He said that the menu designed by Patrick Ponsaty was some of the best food he had ever eaten. He especially praised the mille-feuille which very few restaurants even attempt to make.

Another critical hit was the beet salad which included pistachios, porcini mushroom powder, and cocoa nibs. Between the cuisine and the excellent staff he hired, Brian Bonar has turned Bellamy’s into a very successful restaurant and he is looking to build others in the area.

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