The Three Things You Should Bring With You On A Job Interview With Neurocore

Sometimes the reason an applicant does not get the job with Neuroscore is that they are unprepared. You might dress and look the part, but do you have everything necessary to win Neuroscore over?

I have enclosed a three-point checklist for you to read over. That way you will be prepared in every way the next time you go for an interview with Neuroscore. See more information about Neurocore at

The Checklist

1) You should bring extra copies of your resume. You may have emailed Neuroscore a copy of your resume earlier. You still need to bring some copies. You never know who you will be interviewing with. The person they set you up with might not have a copy. To find out more about resumes click and

2) The next thing you need is a pen. Remember the scene in “Fifty Shades of Grey” when Anna did not have one? Christian had to offer one to her to write with. That might have been for the movie, but the real world is different. Carrying a pen or pencil shows you are organized and ready to write things down. The boss at Neurocore may have you document some things, especially if he wants to offer you a job. You are going to look out of place having to ask him for something to write with. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.


3) You need to bring your references. Once more, you might have sent a copy of your references to the boss at Neuroscore, but they might not be the person you interview with. You might be speaking with someone different. Make sure you have your references. That list shows proof of people willing to vouch for you. The person at Neurocore may hold your lack of references against you.

4) They will expect you to have questions, especially if they are going to offer you a position. You better be ready.

One final point: You better bring a breath mint of some kind. Mint is the better option. You will thank us later.


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