How Have Civil Unions helped Advocate for Migrant Rights Across the US

According to Pew Research center, there were more than 12 million illegal immigrants in the United States in 2016, most of whom originated from Mexico. Read more: Jim Larkin | LinkedIn and Village Voice Media | Wikipedia
In most cases, these individuals often find themselves battling with such issues as whether they can access medical help without blowing their identity as well as underpayment and exploitation and exploitation at the workplaces. However, over the years, several humanitarian organizations such as the American Civil Liberties Union as well as the Lacey and Larkin Frontera fund have always come to their aid.

Ideally, these humanitarian groups argue that by their humanity, migrants, too, stand entitled to human rights. The ACLU further stresses that these individuals don’t void their human rights the moment they step across the border. Different unions have, therefore, come up with different safeguards for the migrant rights both nationally and internationally.

Migrant rights safeguarding measures

In the recent past, migrant rights safeguards have changed from mere oversight in the migrant treatment to push for legislative reforms on the national and international level.

For instance, the American Civil Liberty Union has hosted several high profile international human rights activists including those from the United Nations with the aim of enlightening them on the plight of the global migrants.

Earlier in the year, a monumental international delegate’s forum was held in the United Nations Headquarters in Geneva with the immigrant’s issues standing out as the primary agenda. While the meeting only laid the ground for further deliberations on the topic, such strides represent the impact and volume of awareness the immigrant groups had on the subject.

Nonetheless, experts on immigration laws remain hopeful that the countries of the word might settle on the first ever international immigration agreement in 2018.
About the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera fund was set up in 2014 by two Immigrant descendant journalists Michael Lacey and Jim Lakin. Ideally, the fund sponsors the activities of different nonprofit groups that advocate for Hispanic rights in Arizona. Through these civil organizations, the fund helps Mexican immigrants who have for long borne the brunt of racial discrimination and civil rights abuse.

Jim and Michael, set up the fund from proceeds of an illegal detention suit against the Arizona county.

Having witnessed first-hand, the racial profiling and inhuman treatments most Latino Immigrants stand subjected to at the hands of both natives and authorities, the duo came up with the fund to help champion for migrant rights in Arizona and beyond.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Push for Human and Migrant Rights

Rights are legal entitlements to individuals hence a civil right is a range of privileges that guarantee fundamental freedoms to an individual. Human rights are inalienable but can be abused by other humans if not well defended. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

They may also be perceived as moral principles that describe certain standards of human behavior. Some basic human rights in America fall under abuse, especially for immigrants. Some are abused through

• The death penalty
• Discrimination
• Unjust detentions
• Restriction from basic health care
• Police brutality

There have been calls made to preserve the rights of immigrants. These calls agitate for favorable moral norms of people living and working outside the country of their origin (in the United States). There are many groups that fight for the human rights that include; human, civil and migrant rights.

Some of the groups include;
• The Coalition for Human Immigrant Rights [CHIRLA],
• The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Immigrants’ Rights Project,
• Amazon Watch,
• The Advocates for Human Rights,
• And the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund.

The Coalition for Human Immigrant Rights [CHIRLA]

The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights [CHIRLA] was founded in 1986. CHIRLA was formed in response to the Immigration Reform and Control Act [IRCA] which made it illegal to hire undocumented workers. It was seen as a plot to deny opportunities to immigrants in addition to abusing and exploiting local workers. Read more: Michael Larcey | Facebook

CHIRLAs’ mission is to achieve a just society, fully inclusive of immigrants. The group also organizes and serves individuals, institutions and coalitions to build power, transform public opinion and change policies to achieve full human, civil and labor rights. The group provides leadership in the fight for immigrant families and also for the individuals they act as agents towards in California.

ACLU Immigrants’ rights project

The American Civil Liberties Union carries out its work by advocacy, outreach and litigations towards achieving its objectives. This project is also dedicated to expanding and enforcing the civil liberties and civil rights of immigrants.

It carries its litigation efforts to the District Courts and through to the Supreme Court.
The ALCU Immigrants’ Rights Project concerns itself with the implementation of all the guarantees of the Constitution.

It leads in efforts to challenge the legality of laws that tend to deny immigrants the rights of the judicial process.

The Amazon Watch

According to San Francisco, the Amazon Watch works in the Amazon Basin. It works towards favorable environmental organizations and indigenous groups to advance indigenous people’s rights.

It was formed in response to the continued growth of the large-scale development of various oil and gas pipeline projects.

The Advocates for Human Rights

The mission of the Advocates of Human Rights is to implement international human rights standards to promote civil society and reinforce the rule of law by involving volunteers in research, education and advocacy.

They have been fighting for the rights of children, women and immigrants for more than 30 years.

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are the co-founders of Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media. The two reporters got arrested in their homes at night after doing a story about Sheriff Joe Arpaio. They won the case and were awarded a settlement that amounted to 3.75 million dollars.
They dedicated the settlement money to fund the defense and protection of migrants’ rights throughout Arizona. Lacey and Larkin’s fund also supports groups that advocate for civil, human and migrant rights as well as freedom of speech and civil participation.


Larkin and Lacey Continue To Defend the Right of Speech

The former Village Voice and Phoenix Times journalists have not seen the last of their names making news yet. The energetic duo who came to the limelight after they disclosed suspicious dealings by Joe Arpaio when he was the Sheriff of Maricopa County is relentless in their fight to defend the voiceless in Arizona and the US in general. Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey recently launched the Front Page Confidential Website dedicated to articulating human rights issues and defending the right of speech. The two have had a rough tie with the current administration which recently extended pardon to the convicted Sheriff for contempt of Court.

The Frontera Fund

It is over 10 years ago when Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey were rounded up by the agents of the Maricopa County for trumped-up allegations. The Journalists were picked up from their apartments and thrown into prison for what later emerged to be a mission of vengeance orchestrated by the County Sheriff at the time. The journalists had dug into the activities of the Sheriff and revealed that he was operating in contravention f the law. Furthermore, the Sheriff’s office had engaged in the illegal channeling of funds without regard to the laid down procedures. The Village Voice reported that the Sheriff’s office had misappropriated money exceeding $100, 000 from the public coffers. The case turned out to be the Sheriff’s bane as the journalists filed a suit that saw the courts slap a fine of over $3 million on Mr. Joe Arpaio for wrongful arrests of the journalists. The journalists used the money to set up the Frontera Fund which focuses on defending the rights of the minorities in Arizona and often extends pro-bono legal services to deserving cases.

The First Amendment

Some time towards the end of 2017, the police raided the homes of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. They arrested the journalists for claims of illegal child trafficking. The police did not find any evidence of trafficking, neither was anyone charged with that offense. During the saga, Michael Lacey, knowing his rights under the American Law invoked the First Amendment which allowed him not to say anything in his trial.

Louis Chenevert: An Innovator in the Aerospace and Industrial Sectors

The age-old adage “What you do and choose today determines your tomorrow” is relevant in the business and technology industries as well. United Technology Corporation (UTC) employs this very methodology and concept in how they operate. They’re constantly investing and seeking the most relevant and innovative resources and information that has been developed. This is one of the keys to their success and why they are considered leaders among their constituents. UTC offers a vast array of services for commercial construction, securities, and the aerospace sector, and is committed to investing in high-developmental technology that fosters future expansion. One of the newest pieces of equipment attained by UTC is a Pratt & Whitney Geared Turbofan motor that was recently exhibited in Washington, D.C. The allotment of this engine has been in the making for over twenty years while funds were being accrued and plans were being designed. The project cost over ten billion dollars, but the benefits far outweigh the cost. Jet engine fuel emission is now reduced by 16% and noise reduction by 75%. Over 72 aircraft carriers now use the engine, which creates a significant positive environmental change.

Louis Chenevert was the former CEO and Chairman of UTC, having been hired in March of 2006. He has had a long and successful career. Previously, he worked for Pratt & Whitney in Canada and United States. In his early career, Chenevert worked for general Motors and served as Vice-Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Business Council. He currently works in the banking sector at Goldman Sachs with vested interest in the aerospace and manufacturing industry. Louis has been recognized for his astute business acumen with many accolades. The National Building Museum recognized him with the Honor Award in 2009 and two years later he received a doctorate honoris causa from HEC Montreal, which is the top distinction a person can receive for their field of knowledge. That same year, Chenevert was given the title of “Person of the Year” by Aviation Week and Space Technology magazine. Louis has led a highly successful career as a manufacturing expert and has greatly contributed to the aerospace and Industrial sector.

Healing Osteoarthritis Pain with the Osteo Relief Institute

The Osteo Relief Institute-Jersey Shore is an orthopedic clinic that specializes in easing arthritic pain. Arthritis is a very common illness, but few people can claim to understand it truly. First and foremost arthritis is the general term used to talk about pain in the joints. There exists over 100 types of arthritis and over 50 million people in the USA suffer one or another. These sufferers include a higher percentage of women than men. Arthritis is common among old people with osteoarthritis being the most likely type to find.

When one has osteoarthritis cartilage wears away, and this results in joint pain as the bones rub against each other. (HealthGrades)  The joints swell and become stiff. Too much weight, a history of the disease in the family, past injuries and age increase the chances that one will have osteoarthritis. The patient must make it their mission to manage their condition as with any other chronic illness.


The patient can use of medication, exercise and modify their daily habits. They can use the many drugs available in the market to manage pain, physical therapy and if necessary surgery. Stretching before bed, avoiding repetitive movements and management of weight are ways the patient can modify their habits. Although it may be painful to move with the pain, stretches, walking and riding a bicycle can be very helpful. These are some of the ways the Osteo Relief Institute-Jersey Shore recommends for managing Osteoarthritis.

About Osteo Relief Institute

Osteo Relief Institute-Jersey Shore provides patients with the best possible treatment for osteoarthritis that is available today. Various treatment options can be found at the Osteo Relief Institute, and the aim is to ensure that the patient tries all options that they have access to before moving on to surgery.

Possessing state-of-the-art equipment the Osteo Relief Institute ensures the patient does not have to be subjected to a long and unpleasant diagnostic procedure to pin down the pain. Exercises that help with pain in the knees and treatment for Osteoarthritis of the knees are provided at the Osteo Relief Institute. They have a pain management program for the knees that includes the use of injections that alleviate pain.

Check out Osteo Relief Institute on LinkedIn and Facebook

How Brian Bonar Succeeds In The Restaurant And Financial Industries

Brian Bonar is a successful businessman who has more than 30 years of experience in the financial world. He has been with Dalrada Financial Corporation for almost 20 years and is presently its Chief Executive Officer and Chairman.

Dalrada Financial offers business services to other companies including insurance, employee benefits, financial management, and outsourcing. These services help other companies be more efficient and allow to concentrate on their products and services.

Earlier in his professional career, Brian Bonar was the CEO of Imaging Technologies Corporation. This company developed color management software which was used by other companies to create their marketing material. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

Seeing an opportunity, he developed Imaging Technologies into a company that also provided marketing services to other companies using their own software. This was very profitable for his company and was one of the reasons he became an executive at Dalrada Financial.

Another financial company that Brian Bonar has led is Trucept, Inc. While at Trucept he served in a number of roles including CEO, Treasurer, Secretary, CFO, and Director.

This company also offered business services to other companies including a focus on providing temporary staffing. He started his professional career at IBM in the United Kingdom and specialized in outsourcing personal computer motherboards.

In 2013, Brian Bonar spotted an opportunity in the restaurant industry when one of his favorite places to eat in Escondido, Tango, closed down. Bonar bought the location and opened a new restaurant he named Bellamy’s. His first masterful stroke was when he hire acclaimed French chef Patrick Ponsaty.

Ponsaty has earned the distinction of being named a Master Chef of France and has worked at a number of 5-star restaurants. He designed the menu taking advantage of his French cooking background and the food that is available in Southern California.

Another wise move from Brian Bonar is when he hired Trevor Da Costa. Trevor had been the front man for another restaurant, El Biz, in the area for many years and was very popular in the area.

This move garnered Bellamy’s an instant built-in customer base for Bellamy’s. He also hired a cook named Mike Reidy as Executive Chef who had been working for El Biz.

The food critic for San Diego Magazine reviewed Bellamy’s a little while after it had opened. He said that the menu designed by Patrick Ponsaty was some of the best food he had ever eaten. He especially praised the mille-feuille which very few restaurants even attempt to make.

Another critical hit was the beet salad which included pistachios, porcini mushroom powder, and cocoa nibs. Between the cuisine and the excellent staff he hired, Brian Bonar has turned Bellamy’s into a very successful restaurant and he is looking to build others in the area.

George Soros Wants To Fight For the West

The Billionaire Helps the Left

George Soros is easily the most successful hedge fund manager there ever was. He has done just about everything he can to help the Left and he has even endured criticisms for his efforts as well. Despite the attacks on him he continues to do everything he can to support a more global world and to promote the rise of democracy worldwide. He has seen disappointments with the election of Donald Trump, but he continues to try to put his best foot forward and fight for progress.

What He Wants To See Going Forward

He has made it clear he wants to do everything he can to help the Left fight back against the recent losses they have experienced. One of the ways he has managed to do this is with his concerted support for progressive politicians such as Hillary Clinton or others who support left wing politics. His efforts haven’t always paid off, but he continues to support the Left. He believes that an open society is better for business and will eventually allow more people to make decisions that favor how they want to run their own lives.

His Plans to Help Migrants

He is well aware of the recent migrant crisis in Europe and wants to do everything he can to help them. One example of his efforts to help the migrants is the financial contributions he has made to give the migrants better access to resources that will allow them to start their own businesses and to learn the languages of the countries that host them. Although he has donated nearly half a billion euros it appears that many Europeans simply don’t agree with his stances. Know more on about George Soros

He Wants To Stand Up To Trump

He has made it clear that he does not agree with the agenda of Donald Trump and wants to do just about everything he can to make it impossible for Donald Trump to carry out his agenda. If this means helping fight back he is willing to do it. There is much at stake in politics as of now and George Soros wants to do everything he can to help progress.

About George Soros

George Soros is a hedge fund manager who has made a name for himself due to his contributions to the efforts to build a more stable and open society. He has managed to do everything he can to support the Left and as such has given the Left exactly what it needs to continue forward and create an entirely new age of progress going forward. He has done everything he can to protect the progressive legacy as well.

George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

Norman Pattiz Announces “The Raven Effect” As The Newest Show On PodcastOne

Norman Pattiz, the chairman of PodcastOne, and Chris Jericho have announced the launch of the “Raven Effect” on their network. Scott Levy, the former WWE star, oversaw the production of the Raven Effect. The Jericho Network will manage the show while the WWE super star, Chris Jericho will host it. The new weekly podcast will feature discussions on conspiracies, current events, politics, pop culture, pet peeves, politics and any other crucial topic. Some of the episodes will feature know-it-all, friends, enemies, and know-nothings that offer interesting views to the conversation with Raven, the self-proclaimed world-class idiot. Good news about the show is that new episodes will be released each Monday on the PodcastOne app,, and iTunes.

PodcastOne’s founder, Norman Pattiz said that Chris has exceptionally mastered the appropriate way of balancing wrestling content with other subjects like sports and music. For instance, he has managed the paranormal show, “Beyond the Darkness,” which is a great new show. The public expect that the Raven Effect will have a significant impact on the WWE star’s network on PodcastOne.

Jericho said that he was pleased to have “The Raven Effect” as Jericho Network’s newest show. He pointed out that he has known Raven for many years and just as Konnan, he is intelligent, funny, sarcastic, ridiculous and entertaining. He went on to say that, these attributes constitute the Jericho Network. He concluded by saying that other programs were on the way.

PodcastOne launched The Jericho Network in July 2016. The network has regularly debuted new podcast series under the production, distribution, and product marketing partnership. These shows include “Keeping It 100” and “Killing the Town with Storm & Cyrus,” which focuses on wrestling. The other shows are “Team Tiger Awesome,” which is based on pop-culture based and “Beyond the Darkness,” which centers on paranormal. This Information was originally published on PRNewswire as explained in this link

About Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz is the founder of a number of highly performing media-related companies, including Courtside Entertainment Group, Westwood One, and PodcastOne. Under Norman’s leadership, Westwood One became the largest radio network. Additionally, the firm is regarded as the biggest provider of sports, traffic, news, talk, and entertainment programming in the vast broadcasting industry. Since 2010, Courtside Entertainment Group has worked with different personalities, including Bill O’Reilly. The firm produces and finances quality programs. PodcastOne is a leader in the competitive audio-on demand programming. The entity has worked with renowned brands and persons such as Shaquille O’Neal, Larry King, Penn Jillete, Heather Dubrow and Dan Patrick among many others.

Learn more:

Jason Hope A Visionary Leader From Scottsdale, Arizona

In this ever changing world, we live in, it’s hard to find people with compassion for what they believe in. Is there hope for the future? In Scottsdale, Arizona such a man with visions of philanthropy towards his fellow man believes there is still hope.

Jason Hope an entrepreneur from Scottsdale Arizona who has dedicated himself to various organizations, such as Sens a foundation that concentrates on improving the aging process, which would help doctors understand how to fight off various diseases at their early stages.

A graduate of Arizona State University with a degree in finance and an MBA from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business, Jason understands the importance of having a good education, so much that he supports and guides young people that would like to study technology, but cannot afford the fees of college. Being an entrepreneur and technological advocate Jason Hope has an interest in the future of technology. Mobile apps, desktop software hand gaming are some of the technologies that Jason are involved with, however, his vision reaches far beyond the technology of today.

Jason visualizes a new biotech public research and outreach industry that could benefit mankind.

The internet today is a great resource of information communication it’s true, however, Jason implies that the internet can be a catalyst in helping us to live a healthier life. For instance, doctors would be able to monitor patients health from their office. This would cut down on office visits and give patients doctor home care. The Internet of Things (IoT) can also improve business by using machine-to-machine communication, which would allow one machine to control the other cutting back on manual labor.

These are only a couple of things that Jason visualizes, and he conveys that with the right type of development and more innovative and technological improvements the Internet of Things can better serve mankind.

Josh Verne And The Changing Landscape For Work

The world is changing. For one thing, there are different requirements for landing the job. Also, in this changing work landscape, more bosses are learning how to lead as opposed to dictate. Josh Verne knows that in order to be an effective business owner, one has to gain the respect of his employees. This is where a lot of people in higher positions tend to fall into traps. They wind up trying to demand respect from their employees in different ways. As a result, the employees actually lose respect for him and end up even wanting to walk away from him.


Employees have respect for people who practice what they preach. They look up to the ones that do as much showing as telling. They are also respectful to people that are taking the time to work with the employees. One of the worst things that a business owner or manager could do to a new employee is just tell him to figure it out as opposed to going through it with her. This is one of the lessons that Josh Verne has learned. Another aspect of leadership that employees respect is humility. If a person has enough humility to address the other person as an equal, then he will manage to have a smoother work relationship with his employees.


Josh Verne is realizing what works in this changing landscape because he is aware that more people are looking for ways to gain income so that they don’t have to worry about losing their jobs. For one thing, it is very painful and scary to live in constant fear of losing a job. This is one of the reasons that people are more than ever looking for ways to support themselves outside of their normal jobs. Among these ways is becoming an entrepreneur. Josh Verne is someone who could advise people on what they can do so that they will make sure that they are successful in their pursuits. When it comes to running a business, it is important for everything to be thought about and figured out before getting started.