Paul Mampilly And Profits Unlimited Hit New Subscriber Milestone

Paul Mampilly, a legend on Wall Street, launched an investing newsletter that has now reached a circulation of over 60,000 subscribers. This makes his newsletter, Profits Unlimited, one of the fastest growing financial newsletters in the country.

Profits Unlimited comes out monthly and recommends new stocks to subscribers. Updates come out weekly to keep subscribers informed on his picks and the model portfolio. Currently 11 out of his 13 stock picks are profitable. Some of his picks are up up 38%, 18%, 31% and 21%. One pick is up 160% since Mampilly recommended it when he launched the newsletter.

After 20 years of making the wealthy even wealthier, he decided to make his stock picking ability available to ordinary investors. He doesn’t manage money directly. He makes his recommendations in the newsletter. It’s up to each individual subscriber to buy through their own broker. He publishes Profits Unlimited through Banyan Hill Publishing, a newsletter and research firm. Its headquarters are in Delray Beach, Florida.


He’s been on Fox Business News, CNBC and Bloomberg TV. Mampilly began his career in the financial markets in 1991, working as a research assistant for Deutsche Bank. He soon began managing money for ING, Banker’s Trust, Sears, a private Swiss bank and the Royal Bank of Scotland. For the hedge fund Kinetics International Mampilly increased assets under management from $6 billion to $25 billion, causing Barron’s to name it one of the world’s best hedge funds. He attained 26% annual gains. In 2009 during the financial crisis he participated in an investment competition put on by the Templeton Foundation. He won the content by increasing his account value from $50 million to $88 million (78%) without shorting anything when the market value of almost every asset around the world declined drastically. And he has had great success investing in biotech stocks.


When Paul Mampilly was 42 years old he grew tired of the Wall Street pace and retired. Therefore, he now focuses on finding stock market picks anybody can use to make exceptional returns. That why in 2016 he launched Profits Unlimited with Banyan Hill. He also runs two trading services, True Momentum and Extreme Fortunes. And he writes a weekly column for the newsletter Winning Investor Daily.

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Healing Osteoarthritis Pain with the Osteo Relief Institute

The Osteo Relief Institute-Jersey Shore is an orthopedic clinic that specializes in easing arthritic pain. Arthritis is a very common illness, but few people can claim to understand it truly. First and foremost arthritis is the general term used to talk about pain in the joints. There exists over 100 types of arthritis and over 50 million people in the USA suffer one or another. These sufferers include a higher percentage of women than men. Arthritis is common among old people with osteoarthritis being the most likely type to find.

When one has osteoarthritis cartilage wears away, and this results in joint pain as the bones rub against each other. (HealthGrades)  The joints swell and become stiff. Too much weight, a history of the disease in the family, past injuries and age increase the chances that one will have osteoarthritis. The patient must make it their mission to manage their condition as with any other chronic illness.


The patient can use of medication, exercise and modify their daily habits. They can use the many drugs available in the market to manage pain, physical therapy and if necessary surgery. Stretching before bed, avoiding repetitive movements and management of weight are ways the patient can modify their habits. Although it may be painful to move with the pain, stretches, walking and riding a bicycle can be very helpful. These are some of the ways the Osteo Relief Institute-Jersey Shore recommends for managing Osteoarthritis.

About Osteo Relief Institute

Osteo Relief Institute-Jersey Shore provides patients with the best possible treatment for osteoarthritis that is available today. Various treatment options can be found at the Osteo Relief Institute, and the aim is to ensure that the patient tries all options that they have access to before moving on to surgery.

Possessing state-of-the-art equipment the Osteo Relief Institute ensures the patient does not have to be subjected to a long and unpleasant diagnostic procedure to pin down the pain. Exercises that help with pain in the knees and treatment for Osteoarthritis of the knees are provided at the Osteo Relief Institute. They have a pain management program for the knees that includes the use of injections that alleviate pain.

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Arthur Becker Accomplishments in Biotechnology and Real Estate

Arthur Becker is a prominent hedge fund manager who is based in the United States. At the moment, Becker is the managing member in one of the most respected investment companies in the country, known as Madison Partners. Becker has served in the company for a while, and he has brought a lot of positive changes. The investment company specializes in Bio Tech Ventures, and it is very profitable. In the recent times, the company started investing in the competitive real estate world.

Becker has served as a leader in several powerful companies in the past, and this explains his success at Madison Partners. Before becoming the managing member at the investment company, Becker was working as the chairman and the president of Zinio LCC. As the president of Zinio, the hedge fund manager facilitated a lot of changes. Check out LinkedIn to know more.

In a recent interview, the businessman revealed how he had risen to become one of the most reputable hedge fund managers in the country. Becker said that he started Madison Partners when he was serving as the president of NaviSite many years ago. NaviSite had given Becker a lot of expertise and experience in technology and real estate, and it gave him the motivation to start the Madison Partners. However, Becker had to leave the company when it was sold in the year 2011.

The hedge fund manager decided to invest the money he got after selling NaviSite in a company that was selling condominiums in Miami. The company was also dealing with early state biotechnology, and it gave him the expertise he needed. Since childhood, the businessman was fascinated by biotechnology, and he realized that this was the best opportunity to invest in the industry. Becker also wanted to change lives of people in the communities, and this forced him to start Madison Partners.

Every day, Arthur Becker wakes up with the primary mission of changing the lives of the people around him. As the president of the powerful investment company, the hedge fund manager understands the concept of turning simple ideas into profitable ventures. His contributions have played a fundamental role in the success of the real estate industry.

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Betsy DeVos: A Visionary Educationist

Betsy DeVos is current Secretary of State for Education and a renowned educationist. She has rich experience of philanthropic contribution, educational endeavors, and education development. It was for her longstanding involvement in the education sector and her extensive experience as educationist, Betsy DeVos was nominated by President Trump as his Education Secretary in 2017. After taking the lead on education from a private standpoint, she now heads the department of Education. She is the 11th Secretary of State of Education. She is the daughter of a school teacher and she inherited the interest in the education from her mother. Over the years, her interest in education sector has enhanced and strengthened. She remained committed to her goal to make education better during the last 30 years of her life.

Betsy DeVos has garnered immense fame for her philanthropic endeavors and her ardent support for the better education for children in the U.S. Over the last several decades, she has been actively engaged in charity work through her foundation in order to realize her dream of an America where children get a quality education. She is leading person of her family charity foundation, Dick & Betsy DeVos Foundation. The family established the charitable foundation in 1989. Since 1989, the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation gave away some $10 million to several different schools and organizations that work for the promotion of education in the United States. There is a long list of such organizations and institutions that received funds from Betsy DeVos’ family foundation of which some are described below:

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The Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation granted $400,000 for setting up the education site by Campbell Brown, the former CNN anchor, to Loudspeaker Media, Inc. Moreover, the foundation gave another $400,000 for the educational improvement to a non-profit organization going by the name of The Partnership for Educational Justice.

Similarly, the Foundation doled out $150,000 to the Success Academy Charter Schools for the development of the schools’ capabilities in imparting quality education. An equal amount of grant was also pledged for the schools in future. Another firm specializing in the management of school education under the aegis of GREAAT Schools, Inc., received $50000.

Moreover, the Foundation has been generous enough to direct $100,000 to Alliance for School Choice, a non-profit organization committed to enhancing the children and parents’ understanding of choosing the right school. The Foundation also granted $50,000 to the Foundation for Excellence in Education. Besides, the Foundation has, over the last several years, granted huge sums of money in charity to various schools, colleges, universities, and educational enterprises.

Betsy DeVos has been very active in organization participation for the betterment of education, in addition to her philanthropic contributions. Her extensive experience in managing the education sector has enabled Betsy to understand the problems facing the American children and parents, and as her current position, she vigorously seeks to solve these problems.

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Betsy DeVos Works for Educational Diverse Options

There are many benefits that come from having a choice in the education that your child receives and Betsy DeVos is aware of all of these. She works hard to make sure that each child in the United States is able to have different opportunities for education and that they are all going to be able to get exactly what they need out of the educational process. Thanks to Betsy DeVos, even people who live in poverty are able to get what they need out of educational opportunities and they are all able to have many different options for their children so that they are able to get more out of the chances that they have. Betsy DeVos uses her philanthropic abilities to be able to help people get what they need out of different situations. She does what she can to provide these to everyone who is working in different areas with the options that they have.

When it comes to the options that are included in public schools, not many people are able to get what they need out of the different things that they do. The public schools are not perfect for every child and that can be really detrimental to children who need more help learning. It is something that is necessary and something that can change the way that a child is able to learn. Betsy DeVos knows that working with children can be difficult and she does what she can to ensure that even people who are in poverty are able to have opportunities for their children. Read her interview with Philantrophy Table.

Right now, Betsy DeVos’ foundation is working to create charter school opportunities for children. It operates as a foundation and works with different charities to help people have a better understanding of different things that are going on in communities around the country. One of the biggest things that the foundation aims to do is come up with educational opportunities for children so that they can make sure that they are getting what they need out of their education and able to make their own lives better later on.

Despite the fact that Betsy DeVos has never been even remotely close to being in a poverty situation, she is able to help these people. She is compassionate in a way that most philanthropists are and this allows her the chance to make sure that she is doing things the right way. She tries to be sure that she is able to help other people and that they are going to be able to have better lives. She has accomplished all of this through the philanthropic opportunities that she has with her own foundation that her and her family work on.

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Mikhail Blagosklonny’s Alma Mater Deserves Appreciation

The Latin words “alma mater” means “nourishing or bountiful mother.” It is generally used in reverence to the nourishing qualities of institutions of learning. Without these wonderful institutions, celebrities like Mikhail Blagosklonny may never be known. We often lose sight of this fact and restrict our praise to the individuals. These institutions deserve encomiums including their teaching and non-teaching staff. Our focus for now will be on the prestigious First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Peterburg that gave the world a priceless asset in the person of Mikhail Blagosklonny. Visit ResearchGate to keep up to date with Mikhail’s latest work.

The bulk of Mikhail Blagosklonny’s knoweledge arguably came from his alma mater. If available records serve us right, then it is absolutely correct to say that he had no medical training in any other University aside First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Peterburg. His MD in Internal Medicine and Ph.D. in Experimental Medicine and Cardiology came from this same institution of learning. If truly Mikhail Blagosklonny has been a blessing to the world, then we should reserve some praise for First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Peterburg.

Mikhail Blagosklonny is one of the few global authorities on issues concerning cancer and aging. Before becoming a Professor of Oncology at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute, he spent quality time working at New York Medical College and Ordway Research Institute. All three institutions are globally recognized as a force to reckon with when it comes to the treatment of cancer and aging.

Here is a man overwhelmed with discovering new and effective targeted cancer therapies and underlying mechanisms of aging. His numerous researches aim at protecting normal cells from hazardous and damaging elements as well as coming up with efficient anti-aging drugs.

Blagosklonny’s theory on TOR signaling has been of tremendous help in the war against cancer and aging. He is about the strongest voice in support of rapamycin as a viable treatment option for cancer and aging. Rapamycin is widely known to slow tumor growth, so Blagosklonny believes that this attribute can also be utilized in retarding the aging process. Check Mikhail’s profile in LinkedIn

It is obvious that any write-up about the outstanding exploits of Mikhail Blagosklonny will not be complete without a mention of his alma mater. The later deserves some accolades as well.

How Roberto Santiago has strived to be a Successful Entrepreneur

Roberto Santiago is an individual who is well known in Brazil because of the top enterprises that he has established. He is a highly experienced entrepreneur and has invested in the entertainment and real estate industries. Santiago has worked hard to make sure that all the businesses that he establishes become profitable. His tremendous success can be attributed to the passion that he has developed for entrepreneurship.

Santiago is a resident of Joao Pessoa, Brazil and he was born in 1958. He acquired his business administration degree from the University Center of Joao Pessoa. Before joining the university, Roberto studied at the Pio X-Marist College. The entrepreneur once worked at a café in Santa Rosa before starting his businesses. The first company that he established focused on the manufacture of cartonnage products that were used for decorative purposes. He was a top administrator in the enterprise, and this enabled him to gain a wealth of experience in the management of businesses.

The manufacturing company of Roberto Santiago offered him significant profits that he used in venturing into the real estate business. In 1987, he started the construction of Manaira Shopping Mall and launched it in 1989. The shopping center is the largest that has ever been established in Joao Pessoa and has been offering excellent services to the people of the city for the past two decades. Manaira Shopping Mall stands out due to factors such as its exclusive architectural designs and its excellent location. It is also devoted to offering a wide array of entertainment facilities that enable shoppers to have fun when they visit it. The amenities that are provided by Manaira Shopping offer the clients a shopping experience of their lifetime. Santiago directly takes part in the mall’s administration. Read more on Mundo Do Marketing

More than 280 businesses are currently housed at the Manaira Shopping Mall. The major ones include game centers, fashion stores, a food court, an elector amusement park, a movie theater, a kid’s zone, fitness centers, and many others. All the amenities that the shopping mall provides are top-notch, and they enable the customers to have an excellent time. Manaira Shopping Mall has built a remarkable reputation due to its quality of services, and this has allowed it to attract customers from Joao Pessoa and other cities across Brazil.

Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping Mall boasts of it well-equipped concert hall that is known as the Domus Hall. The room is spacious, and it is located on the shopping center’s rooftop. Its sound, lighting, and ventilations systems are top-notch. The population of Joao Pessoa has been increasing over the years, and this has forced Roberto Santiago to expand the mall’s size about five times since 1989. He has also been modernizing the facilities that are in the building so that they can stay trendy. Read more articles on

The Traveling Vineyard Offers A Range Of Impressive Benefits

Choosing to work with The Traveling Vineyard is an easy decision to take when each individual Wine Guide sees the impressive range of benefits that can be obtained by deciding to work a little or a lot with this engaging company.

Over the course of a career The Traveling Vineyard offers the chance to build a long list of clients who will often keep on requesting bottles of wine they come to love after their initial wine tasting party event; the U.S. has recently become the world’s largest wine market and looks set to continue to grow as consumers continue to see the fun and enjoyment that can be had from trying different wines.

Each Wine Guide plays a key role in the development and success of The Traveling Vineyard in so far as the Guide provides the initial link and expertise bringing information about the different wines on offer on a regular basis. Experts can often make the enjoyment of wine a difficult thing for everybody to enjoy as they can intimidate the individual who simply wishes to enjoy a glass of their favorite variety. By simply being a normal person with a little extra knowledge of wines and food pairings a Traveling Vineyard Guide aims to take the mystery out of wine tasting and make it an enjoyable experience.

A potential Wine Guide can often find themselves concerned about finding enough potential hosts to keep their career choice moving forward, but The Traveling Vineyard reports each party attended by a Guide results in two recommendations for friends and family members to contact a local Wine Guide. Many of those who work with The Traveling Vineyard find success and make a profit because of the low overheads and limited number of hours needed to build a business any person can be proud of.

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Lori Senecal: The Drive to Succeed

When we think of advertisers and the mass media productions that go along with them, we often think of extremely outgoing individuals. After all, many of the executives and company faces are outgoing and extroverted people. That is why the new CEO of Crispin, Porter, and Bogusky (CP+B), Lori Senecal, is a bit of an anomaly in the industry. However, once you look at her upbringing and track record, her appointment as an executive no longer seems surprising.

Lori Senecal was born in Canada to a shopkeeper and schoolteacher. Being the youngest of four, she often had to fight to get what she wanted, and she had to innovate and be creative in order to make an impression on her parents. She used this experience to excel at McGill University, where she earned her Bachelor of Commerce, Marketing, and Finance. Once she got into the business world, however, she suddenly realized that she was an extremely introvert. Reference: aboutme account.

In an interview that she did with the Campaign US, Lori said that she would often try to stay away from others, and she was terrified when she had to start giving presentations to thousands of shareholders and company personnel about marketing strategies. She often would let her work speak for itself, and by doing this and working little by little on her introversion issues, she was able to rise quickly to the top of the corporate ladder.

After working at a small advertising agency, Senecal got a job at McCann Worldgroup, a global advertiser. She became the co-founder of TAG Ideation and was appointed as the Global Chief Innovation Officer in 2006 in a report by Campaignlive. Just one year later she was named as the new President of McCann. She used the momentum that she had gained there to propel herself into the President and CEO spot of Kirshenbaum, Bond, Senecal, and Partners in 2009.

While at KBS, she became well-known in the marketing world as one of the most creative and innovative executives around. She won multiple awards from the Advertising Women of New York, the Isaac Awards, and Advertising Age for her innovative, inventive, and new takes on marketing and how the advertising agencies should function. She was appointed to the MDC Group, a global conglomerate and holding company for advertising agencies, in 2014.

With a record like this, it is no wonder that Senecal was soon named the new CEO of CP+B. Lori Senecal defied the odds and turned her introversion into a personal drive to do better and become more successful than any other advertising executive, and that drive has brought her where she is today.

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