Bruno Fagali Career Achievements as an Administrative Lawyer in Brazil

Bruno Fagali is one of those brilliant Brazilian Lawyers that the country is proud to have. He has already begun his mission of making Brazil a reliable business hub and has always worked towards making sure that the nation becomes a corruption-free zone. He has been able to design a strategy that will help the company grow towards becoming a leading regional giant when it comes to matters of administrative law.

Fagali believes in globalization and has been able to understand all the details that relate to the law. He argues that for Brazil to become an economic hub, there are very stringent compliance needs they have to pass through so that they can be able to meet the standards required by the North American and the European markets. For a country to be an economic hub, it is also essential to make it reliable, safe and even stable. This helps them to increase their abilities to attract more foreign investors across the global divide. Read more about Fagali at

Bruno Fagali believes that the laws are guiding Brazil as a country as up to the stringent standards required to meet the European thresholds. He argues that the compliance structures being implemented in Brazilian nations are the most stringent ones and difficult to maintain. At this point of compliance, that is when Fagali Advocacy comes in. Bruno began the law firm to allow the improvement the ethical and compliance standards of these Brazilian based businesses which will in future help the Brazilian economy to move forward.

Bruno Fagali is a great scholar, and despite his young age, he has been able to spend the majority of time advancing his skills in various institutions. He possesses a bachelors of arts degree in law from the Pontifical University of Sao Paulo. With the great help of his professors and also peers, he was able to specialize in Administrative law. His interest and passion for increasing his skills made him join the famous university of Sao Paulo for a masters in law. While studying at the University, he used to work as a corporate Integrity Manager at Nova and thus he possesses a wealth of experience in his area of expertise. Website: