Marc Sparks: An Entrepreneur Determined To Help Others Succeed

About Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks is a self-made businessman currently based in Dallas, Texas. He is affiliated with some companies in the telecommunications, real estate, and venture investments sectors. Marc presently leads Timber Creep Capital LLC. Among the institutions, he is connected include; Global Tec Solutions, Agency Matrix, Blue Jay Wireless, Bonn Oir, and much more.

What Mark Looks for in Startup Presentations

First and foremost, Mark and most venture capitalists value uniqueness. It is hard to convince the investors to fund your enterprise if your idea is already on the market. Like you, the entrepreneur, the capitalists are also looking to make profits.

Recycled business ideas are not likely to generate attractive returns. Hence, there are little chances of receiving a sponsorship if you apply such.

Business persons looking for a cash injection to expand their franchises are encouraged to provide sales data. This information acts as proof of demand.

High demand products often capture the attention of the financiers as they see potential massive profits. Provision of sales data is an exemplary method of provoking the capitalists’ mind to think.

Clear strategies on how you are planning to use the money also contribute to winning the financiers’ hearts. A person will be more willing to give you their money if they know exactly where it is going to be used.

Entrepreneurs with concise business plans, therefore, have the upper hand over those without.

Simplicity is vital while presenting. Using strong jargon will only complicate things, as the capitalists may not be acquainted with the terms. Straightforward and clear ideas are more likely to be absorbed by the investors.

Presentations are a chance to convince capitalists to invest in your venture. It is vital that you prepare meticulously for the event, as it is do-or-die. One mistake could cost you an investment. Likewise, a demonstration that is viable could earn you a deal of a lifetime.

“They Can’t Eat You”

In this book, Marc Sparks shares his journey in entrepreneurship. He seeks to prove people who think that you need excellent academic credentials to succeed wrong. Marc reveals in this real mastermind how you can be an average student to a serial entrepreneur.

Using himself as an example, he shows the problems faced in the path to success. He outlines the challenges he encountered, and how his sheer determination saw him through.

Through this publication, Marc seeks to empower people who want to delve into entrepreneurship. He has stated before that it’s his passion to assist others to succeed by sharing his story.


Marc supports numerous humanitarian causes in his native town. One important institution is the Samaritan Inn, which provides shelter to the homeless.

In partnership with Habitat for Humanity, they have built some homes for the needy. Marc is also an ardent supporter of American Can!, an initiative for taking poor children to high schools.