Betsy DeVos: A Visionary Educationist

Betsy DeVos is current Secretary of State for Education and a renowned educationist. She has rich experience of philanthropic contribution, educational endeavors, and education development. It was for her longstanding involvement in the education sector and her extensive experience as educationist, Betsy DeVos was nominated by President Trump as his Education Secretary in 2017. After taking the lead on education from a private standpoint, she now heads the department of Education. She is the 11th Secretary of State of Education. She is the daughter of a school teacher and she inherited the interest in the education from her mother. Over the years, her interest in education sector has enhanced and strengthened. She remained committed to her goal to make education better during the last 30 years of her life.

Betsy DeVos has garnered immense fame for her philanthropic endeavors and her ardent support for the better education for children in the U.S. Over the last several decades, she has been actively engaged in charity work through her foundation in order to realize her dream of an America where children get a quality education. She is leading person of her family charity foundation, Dick & Betsy DeVos Foundation. The family established the charitable foundation in 1989. Since 1989, the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation gave away some $10 million to several different schools and organizations that work for the promotion of education in the United States. There is a long list of such organizations and institutions that received funds from Betsy DeVos’ family foundation of which some are described below:

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The Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation granted $400,000 for setting up the education site by Campbell Brown, the former CNN anchor, to Loudspeaker Media, Inc. Moreover, the foundation gave another $400,000 for the educational improvement to a non-profit organization going by the name of The Partnership for Educational Justice.

Similarly, the Foundation doled out $150,000 to the Success Academy Charter Schools for the development of the schools’ capabilities in imparting quality education. An equal amount of grant was also pledged for the schools in future. Another firm specializing in the management of school education under the aegis of GREAAT Schools, Inc., received $50000.

Moreover, the Foundation has been generous enough to direct $100,000 to Alliance for School Choice, a non-profit organization committed to enhancing the children and parents’ understanding of choosing the right school. The Foundation also granted $50,000 to the Foundation for Excellence in Education. Besides, the Foundation has, over the last several years, granted huge sums of money in charity to various schools, colleges, universities, and educational enterprises.

Betsy DeVos has been very active in organization participation for the betterment of education, in addition to her philanthropic contributions. Her extensive experience in managing the education sector has enabled Betsy to understand the problems facing the American children and parents, and as her current position, she vigorously seeks to solve these problems.

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Betsy DeVos Works for Educational Diverse Options

There are many benefits that come from having a choice in the education that your child receives and Betsy DeVos is aware of all of these. She works hard to make sure that each child in the United States is able to have different opportunities for education and that they are all going to be able to get exactly what they need out of the educational process. Thanks to Betsy DeVos, even people who live in poverty are able to get what they need out of educational opportunities and they are all able to have many different options for their children so that they are able to get more out of the chances that they have. Betsy DeVos uses her philanthropic abilities to be able to help people get what they need out of different situations. She does what she can to provide these to everyone who is working in different areas with the options that they have.

When it comes to the options that are included in public schools, not many people are able to get what they need out of the different things that they do. The public schools are not perfect for every child and that can be really detrimental to children who need more help learning. It is something that is necessary and something that can change the way that a child is able to learn. Betsy DeVos knows that working with children can be difficult and she does what she can to ensure that even people who are in poverty are able to have opportunities for their children. Read her interview with Philantrophy Table.

Right now, Betsy DeVos’ foundation is working to create charter school opportunities for children. It operates as a foundation and works with different charities to help people have a better understanding of different things that are going on in communities around the country. One of the biggest things that the foundation aims to do is come up with educational opportunities for children so that they can make sure that they are getting what they need out of their education and able to make their own lives better later on.

Despite the fact that Betsy DeVos has never been even remotely close to being in a poverty situation, she is able to help these people. She is compassionate in a way that most philanthropists are and this allows her the chance to make sure that she is doing things the right way. She tries to be sure that she is able to help other people and that they are going to be able to have better lives. She has accomplished all of this through the philanthropic opportunities that she has with her own foundation that her and her family work on.

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George Soros Wants To Fight For the West

The Billionaire Helps the Left

George Soros is easily the most successful hedge fund manager there ever was. He has done just about everything he can to help the Left and he has even endured criticisms for his efforts as well. Despite the attacks on him he continues to do everything he can to support a more global world and to promote the rise of democracy worldwide. He has seen disappointments with the election of Donald Trump, but he continues to try to put his best foot forward and fight for progress.

What He Wants To See Going Forward

He has made it clear he wants to do everything he can to help the Left fight back against the recent losses they have experienced. One of the ways he has managed to do this is with his concerted support for progressive politicians such as Hillary Clinton or others who support left wing politics. His efforts haven’t always paid off, but he continues to support the Left. He believes that an open society is better for business and will eventually allow more people to make decisions that favor how they want to run their own lives.

His Plans to Help Migrants

He is well aware of the recent migrant crisis in Europe and wants to do everything he can to help them. One example of his efforts to help the migrants is the financial contributions he has made to give the migrants better access to resources that will allow them to start their own businesses and to learn the languages of the countries that host them. Although he has donated nearly half a billion euros it appears that many Europeans simply don’t agree with his stances. Know more on about George Soros

He Wants To Stand Up To Trump

He has made it clear that he does not agree with the agenda of Donald Trump and wants to do just about everything he can to make it impossible for Donald Trump to carry out his agenda. If this means helping fight back he is willing to do it. There is much at stake in politics as of now and George Soros wants to do everything he can to help progress.

About George Soros

George Soros is a hedge fund manager who has made a name for himself due to his contributions to the efforts to build a more stable and open society. He has managed to do everything he can to support the Left and as such has given the Left exactly what it needs to continue forward and create an entirely new age of progress going forward. He has done everything he can to protect the progressive legacy as well.

George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.