How Roberto Santiago has strived to be a Successful Entrepreneur

Roberto Santiago is an individual who is well known in Brazil because of the top enterprises that he has established. He is a highly experienced entrepreneur and has invested in the entertainment and real estate industries. Santiago has worked hard to make sure that all the businesses that he establishes become profitable. His tremendous success can be attributed to the passion that he has developed for entrepreneurship.

Santiago is a resident of Joao Pessoa, Brazil and he was born in 1958. He acquired his business administration degree from the University Center of Joao Pessoa. Before joining the university, Roberto studied at the Pio X-Marist College. The entrepreneur once worked at a café in Santa Rosa before starting his businesses. The first company that he established focused on the manufacture of cartonnage products that were used for decorative purposes. He was a top administrator in the enterprise, and this enabled him to gain a wealth of experience in the management of businesses.

The manufacturing company of Roberto Santiago offered him significant profits that he used in venturing into the real estate business. In 1987, he started the construction of Manaira Shopping Mall and launched it in 1989. The shopping center is the largest that has ever been established in Joao Pessoa and has been offering excellent services to the people of the city for the past two decades. Manaira Shopping Mall stands out due to factors such as its exclusive architectural designs and its excellent location. It is also devoted to offering a wide array of entertainment facilities that enable shoppers to have fun when they visit it. The amenities that are provided by Manaira Shopping offer the clients a shopping experience of their lifetime. Santiago directly takes part in the mall’s administration. Read more on Mundo Do Marketing

More than 280 businesses are currently housed at the Manaira Shopping Mall. The major ones include game centers, fashion stores, a food court, an elector amusement park, a movie theater, a kid’s zone, fitness centers, and many others. All the amenities that the shopping mall provides are top-notch, and they enable the customers to have an excellent time. Manaira Shopping Mall has built a remarkable reputation due to its quality of services, and this has allowed it to attract customers from Joao Pessoa and other cities across Brazil.

Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping Mall boasts of it well-equipped concert hall that is known as the Domus Hall. The room is spacious, and it is located on the shopping center’s rooftop. Its sound, lighting, and ventilations systems are top-notch. The population of Joao Pessoa has been increasing over the years, and this has forced Roberto Santiago to expand the mall’s size about five times since 1989. He has also been modernizing the facilities that are in the building so that they can stay trendy. Read more articles on

Samuel Strauch Is Learning All The Time

Successful people are learning all the time. Samuel Strauch learns from life as he believes in growing through learning.

He has earned his degrees from a number of universities including the Hofstra University in New York, Erasmus University in Rotterdam and Harvard University.

Samuel Strauch started his career by working in banking. He soon moved into his family business of Real Estate in South Florida. In 2002 he started his own company which has been growing since then. This is an integrated platform. It provides varied enterprises in sectors that include acquisitions, development, in addition to management, equity sourcing as well as real estate brokering. It caters to South Florida along with the Latin America markets.

Samuel Strauch has various other interests in addition to real estate. This includes internet based businesses besides restaurants. His other interests include art, as well as photography. These tend to point towards his philosophy in life. He believes that all of us have multidimensional personalities. Hence all of us must look into various facets of life. This is why he is always looking at different tangents both in his personal as well as professional life.

When Samuel Strauch came to Miami, he was impressed to see how there were developments in real estate that were able to transform this city completely. A sleepy vacation town turned into a metropolis. He knew that he could get international clients and even investors here. This was when his idea of starting his own business came up.

Samuel Strauch is a people’s person. He likes to meet new people. This is because he is always looking at strengthening ties with his clients, brokers, investors, and business partners, and all those people who are related to this industry. It helps him to get fresh ideas and expand his business.