Samuel Strauch Is Learning All The Time

Successful people are learning all the time. Samuel Strauch learns from life as he believes in growing through learning.

He has earned his degrees from a number of universities including the Hofstra University in New York, Erasmus University in Rotterdam and Harvard University.

Samuel Strauch started his career by working in banking. He soon moved into his family business of Real Estate in South Florida. In 2002 he started his own company which has been growing since then. This is an integrated platform. It provides varied enterprises in sectors that include acquisitions, development, in addition to management, equity sourcing as well as real estate brokering. It caters to South Florida along with the Latin America markets.

Samuel Strauch has various other interests in addition to real estate. This includes internet based businesses besides restaurants. His other interests include art, as well as photography. These tend to point towards his philosophy in life. He believes that all of us have multidimensional personalities. Hence all of us must look into various facets of life. This is why he is always looking at different tangents both in his personal as well as professional life.

When Samuel Strauch came to Miami, he was impressed to see how there were developments in real estate that were able to transform this city completely. A sleepy vacation town turned into a metropolis. He knew that he could get international clients and even investors here. This was when his idea of starting his own business came up.

Samuel Strauch is a people’s person. He likes to meet new people. This is because he is always looking at strengthening ties with his clients, brokers, investors, and business partners, and all those people who are related to this industry. It helps him to get fresh ideas and expand his business.

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On The Condos Beckon, Arthur Becker Is doing it sole on the Tribeca Boutique Project

Arthur Becker has been behind some of the biggest developers in the City including Kevin Maloney, Michael Stern and Robert Gladstone but currently, he is putting his name on a condominium project. As per the plan recorded recently within the office of Attorney General in New York State, the investor-turned-developer is strategizing for an eight-unit block at 465 Washington Street, Tribeca with an expected sellout of $52.5 million. At his art studio during an interview with The Real Deal, Becker said 465 Washington will become an “artisanal, boutique building” whereby the interiors will be designed by Paris Forino.

Becker bought 465 Washington as a primer when he started his profession as a homebuilder. Later, he operated the macadamia orchard within Hawaii before steadily shifting into finance and tech field. In an article on PerezHilton, he mentioned how he likes the section of Tribeca being the size he can manage. When finished, 465 Washington will compose of one penthouse duplex and seven simplex apartments with square feet of between 2,000 to 4,000. The costs will vary from $2,200 to $3,200 per square foot and units will range between $5 million to $14 million for the penthouse.

Becker purchased 465 Washington from Peter Moore, also an architect-turned-developer in 2012 at the cost of $6.1 million after Moore was confronted with a foreclosure suit of $4.7 following a loan default at VFC Partners. In line to increase the five-story building into 10, Becker purchased development rights from owners of the adjacent building at 471 Washington for amount not recorded. According to Real Capital Analytics; a research company, to date, Becker has invested to New York City projects worth $550 million.

According to Wikipedia, Becker studied a combination of courses in ceramics and photography at Bennington College before later going to Amos Tuck (Dartmouth) business school. At Amos Tuck, he also worked as the CEO of two technology organizations where he additionally managed the shifting of 18th century American houses within New England. In 1990, Becker resumed his photographic task with the aim of introducing visual artifact that is common to painting and creating photographic images with texture. His recent works concentrate on finance, technology and real estate.

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Things To Keep In Mind If Selecting An Online Reputation Management Firm

There are more than a few things that one ought to look at when it comes to selecting an online reputation management firm. If they can manage to remember some of the most important things about it, then they are unlikely to get involved with a firm that is not good for them.

One of the first thing to look at is if a firm is making promises that seem too good to be true. says that these firms will sometimes say things like they can remove all negative material that exists about you on the web. That is both a ridiculous claim and a red flag that there is something fishy about the company you are considering dealing with.

Keep an eye on how the firm is going to work on your reputation management. If they are not letting you in the loop on what they plan to do, there is something wrong with that. They should not be trying to hide anything from you if you are going to be a client of theirs. If they are keeping things too vague or just not telling you anything at all, then you could be paying for something that is really not going to get the job done.

While these are all signs of a potentially bad firm, there are also signs to look for in good firms. According tin IC Media Direct reviews, this would include legitimate testimonials from previous customers as well as some case studies. If you ask a firm to provide these types of things to you and they can do so on the spot then you probably are moving towards having found a good firm.

Do not try to go with a firm that is saying that they are going to us anything to try to trick Google or other search engines into giving you better ratings and reputation. This is not something that you even want a firm to attempt on your behalf. It is very likely that it will not work out as planned, and it is never a good idea to try to trick your way into something better. Just go with a firm that knows what it is doing and goes about it in an aboveboard way.

Lori Senecal: The Drive to Succeed

When we think of advertisers and the mass media productions that go along with them, we often think of extremely outgoing individuals. After all, many of the executives and company faces are outgoing and extroverted people. That is why the new CEO of Crispin, Porter, and Bogusky (CP+B), Lori Senecal, is a bit of an anomaly in the industry. However, once you look at her upbringing and track record, her appointment as an executive no longer seems surprising.

Lori Senecal was born in Canada to a shopkeeper and schoolteacher. Being the youngest of four, she often had to fight to get what she wanted, and she had to innovate and be creative in order to make an impression on her parents. She used this experience to excel at McGill University, where she earned her Bachelor of Commerce, Marketing, and Finance. Once she got into the business world, however, she suddenly realized that she was an extremely introvert. Reference: aboutme account.

In an interview that she did with the Campaign US, Lori said that she would often try to stay away from others, and she was terrified when she had to start giving presentations to thousands of shareholders and company personnel about marketing strategies. She often would let her work speak for itself, and by doing this and working little by little on her introversion issues, she was able to rise quickly to the top of the corporate ladder.

After working at a small advertising agency, Senecal got a job at McCann Worldgroup, a global advertiser. She became the co-founder of TAG Ideation and was appointed as the Global Chief Innovation Officer in 2006 in a report by Campaignlive. Just one year later she was named as the new President of McCann. She used the momentum that she had gained there to propel herself into the President and CEO spot of Kirshenbaum, Bond, Senecal, and Partners in 2009.

While at KBS, she became well-known in the marketing world as one of the most creative and innovative executives around. She won multiple awards from the Advertising Women of New York, the Isaac Awards, and Advertising Age for her innovative, inventive, and new takes on marketing and how the advertising agencies should function. She was appointed to the MDC Group, a global conglomerate and holding company for advertising agencies, in 2014.

With a record like this, it is no wonder that Senecal was soon named the new CEO of CP+B. Lori Senecal defied the odds and turned her introversion into a personal drive to do better and become more successful than any other advertising executive, and that drive has brought her where she is today.

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Fund Manager and Attorney- Sam Tabar

For every investment to succeed, it needs and financial manager. To find a financial partner who will be there in times of financial crisis and also one who will offer financial advice can be a daunting task. Enterprises also need financial partners to fund them.

He has been in the commercial industry for an extended period, serving in various top positions. Sam Tabar is a financial expert who has spent most of his life in the financial funding management sector.

Sam has served at Merrill Lynch (Bank of America) as the Head of Strategy. According to Bloomberg, at Merrill Lynch, Sam Tabar worked widely with institutional investors by helping them with the introduction of an endowment, funds of funds, pensions, foundations as well as family offices.

Tabar’s broad knowledge in the investment and financial sector also offered him an opportunity to provide consultations on legal matters and also the construction of both front and back office teams.

He can also be described as a guru in the financial sector with him leading and holding various posts in different financial institutions in the United States including Sparx Group (PMA) as the co-head of marketing. At Sparx Sam was responsible for managing the organization’s international market.

According to Art Station, Sam Tabar is the Chief operating officer of fullCycle. FullCycle Energy Fund is an organization which was created in 2013 with a primary purpose of converting waste material into power which can be used in the community. The power generation company’s mission is to offer the world affordable, alternative energy.

After his High school graduation, Sam Tabar joined Oxford University where he earned Bachelor’s of Arts and he also graduated with a Master’s degree in Law from Columbia Law School. He has acted as an Attorney for several organizations including Arps, Skadden, Slat& Flom, Meagher, and also Schulte, Roth& Zabel.

Sam is not only a businessman, a funding manager, but he is also an editor who has edited for Columbia Law Business Journal, and he is also a member of the New York State Bar. He is a private investor who is a mission to empower women.

Know More About Adam Goldenberg

Adam Goldenberg was an entrepreneur when he was just a teenager. He is the youngest COO ever of a company that is publicly traded. Today Adam Goldenberg is the co-founder as well as the co-CEO of JustFab Inc. this is the parent company of well-known fashion brands that include JustFab, Fabletics, besides ShoeDazzle, FL2 as well as Fabkids.

Today JustFab employs over 2,000 people. The company has net sales of over $650 million since 2010, today JustFab is considered as being among the fastest growing brands.

There are many unique things about this business that was co-founded by Adam Goldenberg. It offers a membership option. This comes with a promise of personalized experience while shopping. In fact, Adam Goldenberg has completely changed retail experience by making use of data as well as personalization.

He can see and understand that the fashion scene is highly dynamic. It is changing very quickly, and hence it is a challenge to keep pace with it accordingly. The one who can keep pace will be the ultimate winner here. The revolutionary membership model on is a kind of commitment that exists between the company as well as the customer. Hence it is able to benefit both of them.

Adam Goldenberg believes in providing a great shopping experience to its customers. He wants to provide them happiness by offering them products and services that far exceed their expectations on He likes to work with smart and passionate people. This is because he is doing new and innovative things. Hence it is a challenge. This works like a magnet for attracting the right kind of talent. He likes people who are willing to take chances. This kind of risk-taking attitude is able to differentiate winners from the rest. Adam Goldenberg is making use of technology as he wants to provide qualitative as well as quantitative value to his customers.

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The Traveling Vineyard Connects Many Wine Consumers

The Traveling Vineyard is one of the best resources for people that are interested in a job where the hours are few and the rewards are abundant. People that become consultants do not have to worry about spending countless hours trying to make a dollar.

The business model gives people the opportunity to start this job without worrying about leaving the job that they may currently have. Working as a wine consultant is a job where you can put forth as much or as little time as they would like.

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There really is a lot of praise for the Traveling Vineyard because the business model is one where one person helps another. There is a wine tasting set and a website that gives people access to all the different types of wines that are available. There are also consultants that are available for people that are interested in maximizing their knowledge of the industry. When someone connects to another veteran in the wine selling industry they have the ability to learn about wine tasting parties and wine pairings. These are the things that can help anyone that is interested in increasing their client base.

The Traveling Vineyard gives people access to a lot of different methods for learning about wines and the wine industry. It is one of those companies that gives people structured training through conferences, but it also gives people access to learn about new things on their own through the website. The business model works because it gives people the flexibility to make their own schedules and get work done on their own. They do not have to worry about checking in with someone else. They have access to a world where they can make their own schedules. Wine consultants have great flexibility with the Traveling Vineyard.

Norman Pattiz Announces “The Raven Effect” As The Newest Show On PodcastOne

Norman Pattiz, the chairman of PodcastOne, and Chris Jericho have announced the launch of the “Raven Effect” on their network. Scott Levy, the former WWE star, oversaw the production of the Raven Effect. The Jericho Network will manage the show while the WWE super star, Chris Jericho will host it. The new weekly podcast will feature discussions on conspiracies, current events, politics, pop culture, pet peeves, politics and any other crucial topic. Some of the episodes will feature know-it-all, friends, enemies, and know-nothings that offer interesting views to the conversation with Raven, the self-proclaimed world-class idiot. Good news about the show is that new episodes will be released each Monday on the PodcastOne app,, and iTunes.

PodcastOne’s founder, Norman Pattiz said that Chris has exceptionally mastered the appropriate way of balancing wrestling content with other subjects like sports and music. For instance, he has managed the paranormal show, “Beyond the Darkness,” which is a great new show. The public expect that the Raven Effect will have a significant impact on the WWE star’s network on PodcastOne.

Jericho said that he was pleased to have “The Raven Effect” as Jericho Network’s newest show. He pointed out that he has known Raven for many years and just as Konnan, he is intelligent, funny, sarcastic, ridiculous and entertaining. He went on to say that, these attributes constitute the Jericho Network. He concluded by saying that other programs were on the way.

PodcastOne launched The Jericho Network in July 2016. The network has regularly debuted new podcast series under the production, distribution, and product marketing partnership. These shows include “Keeping It 100” and “Killing the Town with Storm & Cyrus,” which focuses on wrestling. The other shows are “Team Tiger Awesome,” which is based on pop-culture based and “Beyond the Darkness,” which centers on paranormal. This Information was originally published on PRNewswire as explained in this link

About Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz is the founder of a number of highly performing media-related companies, including Courtside Entertainment Group, Westwood One, and PodcastOne. Under Norman’s leadership, Westwood One became the largest radio network. Additionally, the firm is regarded as the biggest provider of sports, traffic, news, talk, and entertainment programming in the vast broadcasting industry. Since 2010, Courtside Entertainment Group has worked with different personalities, including Bill O’Reilly. The firm produces and finances quality programs. PodcastOne is a leader in the competitive audio-on demand programming. The entity has worked with renowned brands and persons such as Shaquille O’Neal, Larry King, Penn Jillete, Heather Dubrow and Dan Patrick among many others.

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Marc Sparks: An Entrepreneur Determined To Help Others Succeed

About Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks is a self-made businessman currently based in Dallas, Texas. He is affiliated with some companies in the telecommunications, real estate, and venture investments sectors. Marc presently leads Timber Creep Capital LLC. Among the institutions, he is connected include; Global Tec Solutions, Agency Matrix, Blue Jay Wireless, Bonn Oir, and much more.

What Mark Looks for in Startup Presentations

First and foremost, Mark and most venture capitalists value uniqueness. It is hard to convince the investors to fund your enterprise if your idea is already on the market. Like you, the entrepreneur, the capitalists are also looking to make profits.

Recycled business ideas are not likely to generate attractive returns. Hence, there are little chances of receiving a sponsorship if you apply such.

Business persons looking for a cash injection to expand their franchises are encouraged to provide sales data. This information acts as proof of demand.

High demand products often capture the attention of the financiers as they see potential massive profits. Provision of sales data is an exemplary method of provoking the capitalists’ mind to think.

Clear strategies on how you are planning to use the money also contribute to winning the financiers’ hearts. A person will be more willing to give you their money if they know exactly where it is going to be used.

Entrepreneurs with concise business plans, therefore, have the upper hand over those without.

Simplicity is vital while presenting. Using strong jargon will only complicate things, as the capitalists may not be acquainted with the terms. Straightforward and clear ideas are more likely to be absorbed by the investors.

Presentations are a chance to convince capitalists to invest in your venture. It is vital that you prepare meticulously for the event, as it is do-or-die. One mistake could cost you an investment. Likewise, a demonstration that is viable could earn you a deal of a lifetime.

“They Can’t Eat You”

In this book, Marc Sparks shares his journey in entrepreneurship. He seeks to prove people who think that you need excellent academic credentials to succeed wrong. Marc reveals in this real mastermind how you can be an average student to a serial entrepreneur.

Using himself as an example, he shows the problems faced in the path to success. He outlines the challenges he encountered, and how his sheer determination saw him through.

Through this publication, Marc seeks to empower people who want to delve into entrepreneurship. He has stated before that it’s his passion to assist others to succeed by sharing his story.


Marc supports numerous humanitarian causes in his native town. One important institution is the Samaritan Inn, which provides shelter to the homeless.

In partnership with Habitat for Humanity, they have built some homes for the needy. Marc is also an ardent supporter of American Can!, an initiative for taking poor children to high schools.

What can Entrepreneurs learn From the Experiences of Arthur Becker?

The former chairman and chief executive officer of Zinio LLC, Arthur Becker, currently serves as the managing member of Atlantic Investors, LLC (since 2002), and the managing director of Madison Technology Group LLC. Arthur Becker also worked as the CEO and a board member at Navisite between February 2002 and August 2010.

An interview published on IDEAMENSCH on February 15, 2017, revealed a couple of things about Arthur Becker. His increased interest in real estate and technology while he was working at NaviSite and ZINIO saw the birth of Madison Partners. He decided to expand his real estate interests by making investments in the development of condominiums in New York City, Miami, and Florida. His exposure to several tech companies that were at the early stages fascinated him as well particularly because of the gradual growth in bio technology, the significant economic opportunities, and the potential to touch the lives of people.

At the moment, he is almost completing the construction of several Town Houses located on Sullivan Street in New York City, reports The Real Becker also has plans of putting up a small condominium in Tribeca, for residential purposes. He loves working with the people he respects in both real estate and technology because it brings out the best in him. Studies and progress being made in the field of cancer treatment are among the most interesting trends for him.

The one thing that has made Becker a successful entrepreneur is his ability to evaluate and help in the development of management talent. His worst job experience was when he worked in the Parks Department in a small town at sixteen. Young children were given difficult jobs with little pay of $1.60 per hour. That experience motivated him to look for a more interesting, and lucrative work.

He advises other entrepreneurs to stay informed and have the tenacity for intelligence, listen to their colleagues and the market, and also create room for flexibility in matters strategy. For Becker, talent is the key to success. He identifies talent, persuades them to buy into his vision or business, and does not get in their way.

Arthur Becker attended Bennington College between 1969 and 1972, where he studied Bachelor of Arts. Between 1973 and 1974, he pursued business at Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth.

He regrets that he did not finish the second year of his graduate school as he missed an opportunity to pursue an early career in investment banking. Nevertheless, the 60-year-old entrepreneur has enjoyed substantial success in the world of real estate as well as his participation in biotechnology.