Marc Sparks: An Entrepreneur Determined To Help Others Succeed

About Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks is a self-made businessman currently based in Dallas, Texas. He is affiliated with some companies in the telecommunications, real estate, and venture investments sectors. Marc presently leads Timber Creep Capital LLC. Among the institutions, he is connected include; Global Tec Solutions, Agency Matrix, Blue Jay Wireless, Bonn Oir, and much more.

What Mark Looks for in Startup Presentations

First and foremost, Mark and most venture capitalists value uniqueness. It is hard to convince the investors to fund your enterprise if your idea is already on the market. Like you, the entrepreneur, the capitalists are also looking to make profits.

Recycled business ideas are not likely to generate attractive returns. Hence, there are little chances of receiving a sponsorship if you apply such.

Business persons looking for a cash injection to expand their franchises are encouraged to provide sales data. This information acts as proof of demand.

High demand products often capture the attention of the financiers as they see potential massive profits. Provision of sales data is an exemplary method of provoking the capitalists’ mind to think.

Clear strategies on how you are planning to use the money also contribute to winning the financiers’ hearts. A person will be more willing to give you their money if they know exactly where it is going to be used.

Entrepreneurs with concise business plans, therefore, have the upper hand over those without.

Simplicity is vital while presenting. Using strong jargon will only complicate things, as the capitalists may not be acquainted with the terms. Straightforward and clear ideas are more likely to be absorbed by the investors.

Presentations are a chance to convince capitalists to invest in your venture. It is vital that you prepare meticulously for the event, as it is do-or-die. One mistake could cost you an investment. Likewise, a demonstration that is viable could earn you a deal of a lifetime.

“They Can’t Eat You”

In this book, Marc Sparks shares his journey in entrepreneurship. He seeks to prove people who think that you need excellent academic credentials to succeed wrong. Marc reveals in this real mastermind how you can be an average student to a serial entrepreneur.

Using himself as an example, he shows the problems faced in the path to success. He outlines the challenges he encountered, and how his sheer determination saw him through.

Through this publication, Marc seeks to empower people who want to delve into entrepreneurship. He has stated before that it’s his passion to assist others to succeed by sharing his story.


Marc supports numerous humanitarian causes in his native town. One important institution is the Samaritan Inn, which provides shelter to the homeless.

In partnership with Habitat for Humanity, they have built some homes for the needy. Marc is also an ardent supporter of American Can!, an initiative for taking poor children to high schools.

What can Entrepreneurs learn From the Experiences of Arthur Becker?

The former chairman and chief executive officer of Zinio LLC, Arthur Becker, currently serves as the managing member of Atlantic Investors, LLC (since 2002), and the managing director of Madison Technology Group LLC. Arthur Becker also worked as the CEO and a board member at Navisite between February 2002 and August 2010.

An interview published on IDEAMENSCH on February 15, 2017, revealed a couple of things about Arthur Becker. His increased interest in real estate and technology while he was working at NaviSite and ZINIO saw the birth of Madison Partners. He decided to expand his real estate interests by making investments in the development of condominiums in New York City, Miami, and Florida. His exposure to several tech companies that were at the early stages fascinated him as well particularly because of the gradual growth in bio technology, the significant economic opportunities, and the potential to touch the lives of people.

At the moment, he is almost completing the construction of several Town Houses located on Sullivan Street in New York City, reports The Real Becker also has plans of putting up a small condominium in Tribeca, for residential purposes. He loves working with the people he respects in both real estate and technology because it brings out the best in him. Studies and progress being made in the field of cancer treatment are among the most interesting trends for him.

The one thing that has made Becker a successful entrepreneur is his ability to evaluate and help in the development of management talent. His worst job experience was when he worked in the Parks Department in a small town at sixteen. Young children were given difficult jobs with little pay of $1.60 per hour. That experience motivated him to look for a more interesting, and lucrative work.

He advises other entrepreneurs to stay informed and have the tenacity for intelligence, listen to their colleagues and the market, and also create room for flexibility in matters strategy. For Becker, talent is the key to success. He identifies talent, persuades them to buy into his vision or business, and does not get in their way.

Arthur Becker attended Bennington College between 1969 and 1972, where he studied Bachelor of Arts. Between 1973 and 1974, he pursued business at Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth.

He regrets that he did not finish the second year of his graduate school as he missed an opportunity to pursue an early career in investment banking. Nevertheless, the 60-year-old entrepreneur has enjoyed substantial success in the world of real estate as well as his participation in biotechnology.



Fabletics for Exercise motivation

The online company of Fabletics is gaining popularity rapidly. From its modest start of a few very catchy and desirable outfits, it has grown to include many colorful and fun styles. All of their line easily goes from exercise to office to home and more with no difficulty. Their monthly addition of styles is always looked forward to by its many members. The company is courteous and quick to respond to any questions and problems with their merchandise. Fabletics helps you sign up for the correct sizes right off, and their site allows for easy adjusting of those sizes before the next outfit is shipped to a member.

Having beautiful, comfortable outfits to look forward to arriving in the mailbox once a month is great incentive to get exercise and use these lovely clothes. Yet even if there is no time for getting out, these same clothes carry the Fabletics member through their day from home projects to office routine beautifully and comfortably. Comfort being a huge draw to so many people in so many walks of life helps Fabletics popularity continue to rise. The sunny glow of Kate Hudson advertising Fabletic designs and her involvement in being comfortable and fit is very relatable to the public who admire and wear this booming brand.

Signing up to become a Fabletics member is easy and includes such benefits as a free outfit after buying a certain number and collecting points from writing reviews for purchasing other pieces from their collection. As a member, you can add items to your cart for preference on the next month’s auto shipment or go online and change it anytime. The Fabletics site is very personalized and user friendly with a chat line and numbers to call when you want to speak to a live representative. Unlike companies such as Amazon where it is hard to reach a live person or resolve any issues that may arise with an order, Fabletics customer service center is excellent.

The personalized customer service is one large draw to the Fabletics company and the comfortable styles yet another. The fresh and exciting colors and original designs that come out every month are also a huge attraction for members and nonmembers alike. With real world sizing to fit a variety of forms and heights this company is quickly becoming a widely-recognized brand with more members signing up to try it out. And staying for the personalized service and beautiful clothing they receive for their loyalty.

Jason Hope A Visionary Leader From Scottsdale, Arizona

In this ever changing world, we live in, it’s hard to find people with compassion for what they believe in. Is there hope for the future? In Scottsdale, Arizona such a man with visions of philanthropy towards his fellow man believes there is still hope.

Jason Hope an entrepreneur from Scottsdale Arizona who has dedicated himself to various organizations, such as Sens a foundation that concentrates on improving the aging process, which would help doctors understand how to fight off various diseases at their early stages.

A graduate of Arizona State University with a degree in finance and an MBA from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business, Jason understands the importance of having a good education, so much that he supports and guides young people that would like to study technology, but cannot afford the fees of college. Being an entrepreneur and technological advocate Jason Hope has an interest in the future of technology. Mobile apps, desktop software hand gaming are some of the technologies that Jason are involved with, however, his vision reaches far beyond the technology of today.

Jason visualizes a new biotech public research and outreach industry that could benefit mankind.

The internet today is a great resource of information communication it’s true, however, Jason implies that the internet can be a catalyst in helping us to live a healthier life. For instance, doctors would be able to monitor patients health from their office. This would cut down on office visits and give patients doctor home care. The Internet of Things (IoT) can also improve business by using machine-to-machine communication, which would allow one machine to control the other cutting back on manual labor.

These are only a couple of things that Jason visualizes, and he conveys that with the right type of development and more innovative and technological improvements the Internet of Things can better serve mankind.

Online Sales Capacity With Lime Crime By Doe Deere

Doe Deere is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Lime Crime. Lime Crime is the makeup company that specializes in extraordinary colors for lips and eyes. Lime Crime was a dream of Doe. She started out working for someone else and soon discovered that she wanted to work for herself. Doe sells a lot of Lime Crime on Amazon. She offers others the ability to sell her products on their own websites through Affiliate Marketing. The ideamensch article will help you see how she got her start and how you can do the same.


To begin your own career and dream website you need to take a lesson from Doe. Find your own product that you can endorse and sell online. It needs to be a product that you can be passionate in doing, Lime Crime is exciting and energetic with the colors and palates available. Individuals can pull information from Doe Deere’s website and place this information on their own website to begin sales. The program helps people get a good start at making their own small business online.


Lime Crime by Doe Deere is makeup for individuals that want to add spice to their color palates. The lipsticks and eyeshadows in bright and brilliant colors give everyone something to smile about. Unique color choices like Flamingo Pink and Alien Green are self-explanatory. You can listen to the names of these colors and know what you are purchasing. Some of these colors come in groups with other color combinations. Teacup blue and teddy bear brown are two of the ongoing favorites. People almost always want these two choices in their color palates as go to colors.


Lime Crime has a variety of lip and eye colors. For the eyes, you can choose between palates and liquid liners. The vibrant colors will help in making eyes look larger or stand out more. The bright colors fit nicely on the top of the lid while makeup artists use the darker browns and blacks to deepen the crease of the eye to give the eye a bigger contrast.


Lip colors such as velvets, peerless, and unicorn lipstick give the lips a different look and feel. One gives lips that silky shine of velvet. Perless helps the lips appear as they are covered in colored pearls. And the unicorn is both bright and bold colors. Each holiday offers different colors and styles in sets. These sets make wonderful gifts and the perfect things to add on your own website. This Valentines you should include the True Love set to your groups of sales.

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Securus Technologies Sends Out Press Release To Counter Recent Claims

When companies compete in the same business market, there will be times where things can get unpleasant. Competition can sometimes bring out the best and worst in companies. The competition between companies is real because the companies are competing for business market share. This includes sales and revenue. Without these things, companies cannot survive. Therefore in many ways, companies are fighting for survival.


This fight for survival will cause some companies to push the envelope on many issues. When companies push the envelope, there will be occasions when other companies especially companies in the same business market will not like what is being done. This situation will produce disagreements and hard feelings. This was the case between Securus Technologies and GTL. The two companies had a disagreement concerning technology ownership rights. Both companies compete in the highly competitive technology market.


The companies could not come to a mutual understanding regarding the technology ownership rights disagreement. Therefore, the situation became worst. GTL decided at some point to send out a press release that took the disagreement public.


As a result, Securus Technologies responded by sending out a press release of its own. The press release sent out by Securus Technologies stated that the statements made by GTL contained many inaccurate statements and misleading information. Securus Technologies pointed out the portions of each statement where it disagreed with what was stated by GTL.


I believe that Securus Technologies conducted itself in a professional manner regarding the disagreement with GTL. Also, Securus Technologies responded to the statements made by GTL in the proper manner considering the situation.


Securus Technologies  is a technology company that has a great reputation. The company provides an array of technology related products and services in many areas such as telecommunications.



The life, research and works of Mikhail Blagosklonny

Mikhail Blagosklonny has helped in the advancement of aging through the hyperfunction theory. He has written several publications that center on aging and cancer. He has shown a keen interest in the field of aging. He has always strived to come up with solutions that can control cancer and aging. Mikhail believes that cancer can be cured through several enzymes and drugs. That is why he has been highly interested in the protein known as Rapamycin. He has published several articles that center on the use of this enzyme to treat cancer and aging. Mikhail’s commitment to his work and hard work has seen contribute highly to the field of oncology. Mikhail Blagosklonny has grown to become one of the leading contributors of oncology and cancer in the world today. He says that he is driven by his love for humanity and a vision for a disease-free world.

His work with Rapamycin has seen him discover new facts about the enzyme. He led in the discovery that the enzyme is connected to various protein cells in the body. He realized that the complex proteins created by the enzyme assist in decreasing factors that cause aging. New Protein cells have been able to manage the behavior of other proteins known as Serine on It plays a significant role in the proliferation, growth and survival of cells.

Mikhail Blagosklonny is also popular for his publications that discuss the relationship which exists between aging and calorie restriction. The paper deals mainly with being immortal and the availability of anti-aging drugs. Blagosklonny’s other areas of research include the field of cancer and cancer therapies at He has strived to bring about cancer treatments that protect healthy cells from getting damaged.

Most of the work published by Blagosklonny deals with research on human aging. He published an incredible article on Wikipedia in 2012 where he questioned the conventional belief that aging is a continuous process. He argued that the body repairs itself with time according to the hyperfunction theory.

Josh Verne And The Changing Landscape For Work

The world is changing. For one thing, there are different requirements for landing the job. Also, in this changing work landscape, more bosses are learning how to lead as opposed to dictate. Josh Verne knows that in order to be an effective business owner, one has to gain the respect of his employees. This is where a lot of people in higher positions tend to fall into traps. They wind up trying to demand respect from their employees in different ways. As a result, the employees actually lose respect for him and end up even wanting to walk away from him.


Employees have respect for people who practice what they preach. They look up to the ones that do as much showing as telling. They are also respectful to people that are taking the time to work with the employees. One of the worst things that a business owner or manager could do to a new employee is just tell him to figure it out as opposed to going through it with her. This is one of the lessons that Josh Verne has learned. Another aspect of leadership that employees respect is humility. If a person has enough humility to address the other person as an equal, then he will manage to have a smoother work relationship with his employees.


Josh Verne is realizing what works in this changing landscape because he is aware that more people are looking for ways to gain income so that they don’t have to worry about losing their jobs. For one thing, it is very painful and scary to live in constant fear of losing a job. This is one of the reasons that people are more than ever looking for ways to support themselves outside of their normal jobs. Among these ways is becoming an entrepreneur. Josh Verne is someone who could advise people on what they can do so that they will make sure that they are successful in their pursuits. When it comes to running a business, it is important for everything to be thought about and figured out before getting started.

Gooee LED Lights Can Connect To The IoT

There are a lot of people who are looking for a way to make better use of their lights, and they are trying to pick out a system that will work for them. Someone who wants to use the Gooee LED lights has to remember that the Gooee IoT lights can be programmed to do a lot of different things. Programming something to work with a computer is very easy, and Gooee knows how to help people when they have specific needs for their home.


The first thing that people need to do is decide what the purpose of their programming will be. They need to make sure that they can get on a schedule that will help them take care of their home lighting, and the lights will just follow the schedule that was set up. It is a lot easier for people to get the help that they need when they are using the right programming, and they have to be sure that they can make them turn on in individual rooms.


Turning on the lights on a schedule and in many different rooms makes it much easier for people to get the help that they need. The program is very easy to set up, and it can be changed or altered as people use their lights. Gooee lights are made such that the program could work in any home, and they will instantly offer the kind of lighting that makes everyone in the house comfortable as they read.

Geoffrey Cone Explains Why Interest in New Zealand International Trusts Continues to Increase

The baseless rumors that New Zealand has become a popular location for foreign trusts was debunked in a 2012 online posting by financial expert Geoffrey Cone. As principal of the law firm Cone Marshall, along with principal Karen Marshall, Cone has extensive experience in the industry and with foreign investors. His article, posted on multiple social media sites, detailed the many appeals New Zealand has to investors. These includes the stable economy and legal system, the transparency of the banking institution and a professional infrastructure.

These reasons are also why the Cone Marshall Law firm has also been so successful since it was established in 1999. The firm advises foreign investors and establishes trusts, partnerships and companies for these families. The firm is unique in that it does not seek out individual clients. Instead, it works with family financial advisers, attorneys and others representing families.

Both Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall are graduates of the University of Otago, New Zealand. Cone practiced in both Auckland and Christchurch for numerous years until he relocated to the British West Indies for two years where he worked as a litigator. Upon his return to New Zealand he spent two more years in practicing in Auckland before opening his private law firm.

In 2006, a year after starting at the firm, she was made a principal of the company. Marshall has extensive experience working with trusts and concentrates on drafting documentation and providing advice to clients about their needs.

Cone Marshall specializes in international trust and tax planning and is the only firm in the country to offer only this service. Geoffrey Cone was described in the Law Firm and Experts directory as the quintessential tax lawyer. Both principals believe it is their adherence to providing only the most reliable advice and the highest level of transparency to all of their clients that has made them consistently successful throughout their history.